Friday, March 27, 2009

ate at the japanese restaurant today (recommended by zandra) which i forgot what's the restaurant's name. sooo nice and much much cheaper than sushi king. get to eat the japanese ice cream that we ate in japan. i really love that ice cream! :) but the price is a little bit expensive though.

and HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEIXIANG! 2 more hours and you're legal! woohoo! :D

Thursday, March 26, 2009

i went crazy for a while today after i saw koo kien keat again. hahaha. and the other two badminton players. i was walking to my car and saw them came out from the basketball place. i guess they were playing basketball inside. when i passed by them, i think my brain got frozen for a while. after seeing triple K. hahaha. :P and i just kept on smiling the whole time when i drive. haha. but he's just too famous. just like a superstar.

went to mid valley and ate at dome cafe. i really cant win against kammi. he'll just keep asking me to drive although i asked him to drive. so stubborn. haha. luckily he belanja. but still so hard to take out his credit card. its like giving away his life. hahaha. :P

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

i didnt go to class today. i cant even wake up! it was raining outside. what a nice weather to sleep. haha. was supposed to go to gym too, but was too tired. went to eat at nandos with kamran since he's at sunway. he really love to eat nandos. which is the first time i heard that someone likes to eat nandos. haha. well, its my first time eating nandos, its quite nice too. like kamran said, he thinks that they put drugs on the chicken. haha. tmr lunch on u kammi! i dont care! hehe.

hear me sing! im singing the part where the middle guy sings. its my first time posting my singing here and facebook. hehehe. :D actually the first part where i sing is very low. so its quite hard to sing the low parts although i already sang it in higher keys.

Friday, March 20, 2009

gahh. i missed alot of single pin spares today. sighh. i could have been in the top 8 if i didnt miss my spares. shit la. now i have to bowl well in singapore open. well, IF i go. :( i have to stop missing all the spares already. if not uncle holloway will get really angry. "miss miss, i chop your head". that is his favourite word. haha

went to the game shop to help the singaporeans buy R4 for their nintendo DS. daphne bought a wii too! and amanda bought guitar hero for nintendo DS the original one. the one where they have the instrument together to play with the nintendo. and i get to try it tmr! weeee! hehe. but we have to support the malaysians tmr. sooo boring! i wanna sleep! :(

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

the pro bowlers came. and they bowled soo good. im starting to worry already.

went to mid valley for a while today to buy something. cant tell though. :P and i've started to think about crazy stuffs again. need to save money from now on. hahaha.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

woahh everyone's bowling really good today. the lane condition seems to be pretty easy today. hopefully tmr will be the same?

need to go mid valley and one utama tmr. who wanna teman me? hehe
yayy. finally bowled another 700 series. 719. hopefully i'll stay in the top 3. another guy have shooted a perfect game just now. there goes the expensive watch. the first perfect game was the guy from india. and he got a camcorder. there goes all the perfect games prizes. sighhh.

gahhh! my new semester has started. luckily i dont have to repeat any subjects. yayy! but drawing fundamental 2 needs to spend alot of money for the yoken or kure color marker pens. and each of them are sooo expensive. who can donate some money to me? hahah. i think im gonna take 5 subjects this semester but i guess my mom will scream and ask me to take 3 or 4 semester. since its a long semester why dont i take more subjects this semester. i can do my elective subjects next semester. im gonna take choir & 3D modelling for my elective subjects. yayy! singing! i dont know why im so obsessed with singing nowadays. hahaha.

i guess now i know who's my first love. sighhh. this is just so random.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

sighh. dropped to 4th position. need to bowl 700+! please no more pin 10 and pin 8! pin 7 too! thailand and hongkong came already. woohoo idol came! :P

alot of things happened today. i dont even want to interfere about the things that happened today but i ended up hearing more and more things that happened. sighh. well i just hope that you both will end up in a good situation. no more fighting please guys! be tough you both!

super junior finally made their comeback after 1 year and 6 months. finally! they're on hiatus for soo long. love their new song and concept. so catchy. they're back with the song called "Sorry, Sorry". totally love the dance! :D all of them are they except for kibum who went back to the US because his mom is sick. hopefully i can see all 13 of them perform together. its been awhile though.

and SNSD winning for the 9th time is just soo amazing! they broke the record! congratulations girls! :D tiffany in the beginning "listen shawty, shawty, shawty. super junior's back!" SM Town loveee! :D

Saturday, March 14, 2009

bowled 723 just now. hopefully i'll stay in the top 3. i guess i need to bowl another 700 series to be in the top 3. sighh. the lanes are so difficult when it dries up. need to polish up some of my bowling balls.

today was rather another boring day. and another day i've waited..

Friday, March 13, 2009

malaysia open started today. only bowled 622 and 633. i need to bowl higher to qualify for the top 3! :( and my ligament sprained. sighh.

i owe someone mamak & nandos. you know who you are. you need to treat me nice restaurants! i dont care! haha

ahhh. i miss someone so badly. :((

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

an amazing performance by SNSD. this made me teared up. especially after seeing taeyeon sang. she was crying. wonder what happened to her. i dont know why but i felt really sad when i hear the song. leader himnae!
its been a while since i last blog. i've missed blogging already. :) just came back from japan 2 days ago. the weather was great eventhough its pretty cold. how me & jane wished that it will snow one day after it rains. hahaha. japan was funn but less shopping this year. it was a fun trip although i missed the cut by 3 pins. sighh. well i did my best though.

the DHC girls were super funny! especially the two young ones. how they imitate ju-on and have crazy heads. there was one time when we had our welcome reception and while i was going to take the japanese soba, the DHC girl came and shouted "Soba! Soba good!". i was like uhhh. yeahh good good! hahaha. she was really cute. :)

and.... i got my necklace already! yayyy! :D im gonna take good care of it. hehehe.

malaysia open is starting this friday. they change the format again this year. best of 2 MQ's for qualifying. each MQ's are 3 games. and the top 3 for local and overseas pool will be automatically qualified for the 2nd round. i wish i could be in the top 3 for qualifying. better chance to win moneyy. hehe :P

waiting, waiting and waiting like there's no tomorrow. should i wait even more? why is it so hard this time? its never been this hard on me. i wonder, who can erase the sadness in me?