Friday, January 30, 2009

gahhh. holidays are ending soooon. :( and i have tons of assignments that have to be done by monday. ;( i have to start doing them today.

haven't been blogging in a while. was quite busy during holidays. have to take care of the house while my parents were away to Surabaya for 5 days. and i get to meet my babyy. :D

"absence makes the heart grow fonder", baby's quote ;)

Monday, January 19, 2009

interstate and national champs finally ended. won the national champs but the stupid freaking article wrote that im lucky to win the title. what the hell? "Siti Safiyah should thank her lucky star", "Siti Safiyah can consider herself lucky that Cheryl was not able to play her best after injuring her right bowling thumb en-route to the stepladder final". go and die la please. this is not the first time i have won a tournament. aarrgghh! i feel like killing them right now with my hands!

yeah. a video to cheer me up. SNSD's live performance.

Monday, January 12, 2009

interstate have started today. got a gold medal for singles. :D maybe its just the beginning of the year? hopefully i'll win more tournaments this year. especially those international tournaments and official games.

tomorrow is the doubles event at 9am. T.T soooo early! have to wake up really early because of the traffic in the morning. will be bowling doubles with zatil. hopefully another gold medal tomorrow? :)

and yayy! now i know where's the korean plaza at. me & izrina rounded KL just to find the korean plaza after we went to times square to pick up my CD. we were too bored because its still early to go back, so i decided to find the korean plaza which i only know that its around Jalan P.Ramlee. so yeah, we try to find signboards with the road name. while waiting for the traffic lights, i saw a banner that says Korean Plaza in Menara Hap Seng. luckily i saw the signboard. if not then i'll guess we will just go round and round Jalan P.Ramlee there. haha. it is opposite shang ri-la hotel. when we finally found the place, we asked the guard that was outside. he said the korean plaza will only open on monday and friday. and i was like, oh freak! wasted my petrol to find the korean plaza. but now i know where it is finally. haha. and now i know where is petaling street too. i can go shopping in KL already! yayyy! :P

Friday, January 9, 2009

finally the roll off have finished. and we'll have another roll off on the 19th to 23rd again. i dont even know what is the roll off for. hope they dont add the overall scores to the roll off next week. oh yeah. i ended up 2nd position overall. so hope i can go to DHC!

finally im going to pick up my CD at times square tomorrow after waiting for the CD for almost a month. im definitely going to order SNSD's Gee album. cant wait till i get the album in my hands. :)

IMY ;(

Thursday, January 8, 2009

ahhh! bowled soo bad today. bowled 129 & 143. wth??!#@#$$@%#@!#
they change the oiling again today. which is not gooood! i feel like stabbing myself with a knife now. how can i bowl so low??? now im in a dangerous situation although im still in 2nd place. have to bowl really well tomorrow. please dont do stupid things anymore sofyy! focus!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2nd againn today. bowled much better. the lanes were different from the last two days and the pin carries are totally siding me today although i still have alot of corner pins. the last two days pin carry was like shit. i got a game where i had only 2 strikes and the others were 9 pin spares. crazy right?

i dont want to go to gym tomorrow. have to go sooo freaking early! and class at 10am tomorrow. :(

SNSD Gee's MV is finally out! Weeeee! Love the song! The MV and the song are really cute and catchy. Every each of them looks so pretty and cute :D

2nd for today and 2nd overall. please maintain sofy for the next 3 days. interstate and nationals are starting soooon. maybe on saturday? must bowl well!

my drawing assignments are getting more and more! aarrgghh! HELP!!

i want my honey bunny! :(

Monday, January 5, 2009

i was supposed to go to class at 9am this morning but i was too lazy and decided to go for the 2nd session of class at 10am. so i went and took some notes, sat in the class for 10 minutes and out i gooo. hahaha. soo many assignments! although the assignments are interesting but i always have no time to discuss it with my team partners. :( i dont know whats going to happen to my drawing assignments that must be actually handed tomorrow. have a few more drawings to draw. but i dont feel like drawing nowadays. arrgghh!

today is the 3rd day of roll off and i lead for today. so im currently in 3rd position for 3 days of roll off. zandra 7 points, sharon 8 points, me 10 points, zatil 11 points, poh lai 13 points and jane 14 points. the lower the points, the better position you'll be. i really wasted my first day where i got last position. :( the roll off is for DHC Cup and maybe for world womens championships too. hope i'll bowl well so at least i can go to DHC cup. i dont mind if they dont select me for the world womens. as long as i can go to more tournaments this year. there would be alot of pressure if i get selected for world womens. especially pressure in sparing. :(

i miss youu "RAMLY"!! i miss you too much. :(

"to the world you may be someone, but to someone you may be the world." you mean the world to me love. :)

i'll still love you eventhough you had a crush on someone else or you're not perfect in your career or you dont love me anymore. :)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

im starting to love karaoke again! :p went to karaoke at izrina's uncle's house and the sound system is how cool man. i should get a karaoke box in my room too. sang too much until coughing like hell. and the family are really good singers. made me feel embarassed to sing in front of them. haha. :p

while we were on the highway just now, aziem got summoned by the police because he drove past the speed limit. hahaha. serves him right. show off! :p i really dont like guys who love to show off. eewww!

i love you more and more x9348329489234982304998 every each day. :)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Start for 2009.. Maybe?

ahh. okayy. i've start blogging again after 1828348349347849831909 years. i just had the mood to start blogging again. maybe a start for 2009? nahh. i dont think soo. haha. blogging is fun yes. but when the busyness strikes, the blog goes all empty. yeah i'll try to blog as much as i can. haha. Happy New Year 2009 people!