Sunday, April 19, 2009

i just can sigh.. acting that im okay really hurts..

Saturday, April 18, 2009

what another boring weekend. i feel like travelling. :S

dont know why but i feel so lonely nowadays. sighh. i dont know what or who i want now.

and you seem to be erasing me, day by day..

Thursday, April 16, 2009

look at what make-up have done to me.

how is it? cool right? i really like the make-up. it shows the fresher look of me. and i have been finding this type of make-up for my face for a long time. i really love it. :D
well, the story was i was pretty bored after my class so i went to msn. went to buy some drinks and saw jerusha and wanie at casa 1. jerusha's friend was promoting this make-up course that teaches ppls how to do make-up. so i got interested and waited for his friend to come and tell us about it. his friend came and talked about the course and the make-ups and started to do make-up on my face. well, everyone was looking of course! even tan boon heong saw it. so embarassing but at least i liked it and they praised me about my new look. hahaha. :P

you dont love me anymore huh?

Monday, April 13, 2009

gahhhh! why do they always have problem in thailand when i want to go there la??!! always have rusuhan. last year was like that too during the world mens championships. but we still managed to go to thailand. maybe it was not that bad that time. i guess its really bad there now. sighh. we'll just have to wait for mtbc's final decision on not to go or to go. well, temporarily the trip has been cancelled. rahhhhhhhhhhh!

i've finally experienced sitting in my favourite car the Nissan Fairlady yesterday! thanks to someone for the ride! :D but dont know why everything in the car is in japanese language. i wonder how he can understand. haha. i wish to sit in that car again! hehe. and dato lee chong wei should sell his fairlady to me! his fairlady colour is damn cool la. hahaha. he bought the bmw 6 series (which is the first 6 series that i saw) and sold off his fairlady. i want i want!! :P

Saturday, April 11, 2009

didnt go out the whole day today. my leg was too exhausted from ushering and escorting peoples on abg ayie's wedding last night. it was quite fun. and it was really fun to be with my cousins and families. i love you all! :D

i have a new love of my life. and he is....


sooo cute makes u wanna pinch him right? hahaha. his mother is a korean and his dad is a canadian. and he's an actor and a model too. he's really cheerful too. can see it from the pictures. he's a smart lil baby! :D

sighh. i seriously felt that you dont love me anymore.
alright then.
if this is what you want.

Monday, April 6, 2009

woohoo! thailand here we come! :DDD we just knew that we're going to thailand today. we will be leaving next wednesday and only have 2 and a half day to qualify. need to bring more money for the MQ's! and a rain coat! hahaha. since its songkran festival next week. AND.. im going to italy for world ranking masters and i have to pay for myself since nsc rejected to pay for my fundations. i was thinking on not to go but since unc bc told me that if i cancel, i might be blacklisted or something by wtba. so might as well just go and gain experience. right?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

watched my bloody valentine and got freaked out like hell. hahaha. the ending was somehow crappy but still understandable. and that megan girl is really pretty. haha. :P

i watched the new MV by Big Bang and a new girl band called "2NE1" and its really cute. i especially like the girl with the weird hairstyle. she has a really cute face though. i like CL's rap. glad that she's the leader. and i love GD's "nah, that's not how we do it". :D

i love the starting! sandara & CL are so cute. hahaha. ~Lolli lolli oh lollipop, lolli lolli oh lolli lollipop~

Saturday, April 4, 2009

just came back from alor setar for abg ayie and nakisha's wedding. the weather was soooo hot. abg ayie was sweating alot. he must have been really nervous. haha. congrats to them btw! next friday will be their wedding at shang ri-la hotel in KL. me & my cousins have to be the usherettes (is that how you spell it? haha). you should be thankful to your lovely cousins abg ayie! hehe. i need to find another baju kebaya or kurung for their wedding next week. the theme is grey. i need to buy it asap though. i dont wanna buy last minute like yesterday. was rushing like hell to buy the baju kurung before the roll-off. the theme was baby blue/turqouise today. and the best thing was going back to KL from alor setar should be like 5-6 hours drive. but it was only 3 hours plus from there to here. now you peoples know how i felt sitting in the car. too scary seriously.

woohoo! cant wait to get my money from the roll off. and i only can get it this monday. we're going to start to train at endah parade this monday! noooooooo! i hate it there. so boringg. and unc holloway said that we're going to have a lane for each of us to train on. sighh. thats soo crazy.