Sunday, June 28, 2009

okayy this sucks.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

im so freaking tired lately. im really going to go on a holiday for a week or two after the world womens championships. been training.too.much. i think i get easily pissed with alot of people this last few days. please understand that im just too stressed with training. i just cant control myself when im stressed or tired. im sorry. i wish i could just hug someone or anyone and just cry it all out. i dont know why im really sensitive nowadays. the only way i can do is just cry in my room before i go to sleep. thats the best way to let it all out.

Monday, June 22, 2009

now i understand people who laughs and smiles alot on the outside, actually have alot of sorrows and sadness shown on their eyes and inside of themselves. i have just realised im experiencing it now.

Friday, June 19, 2009

my mood swings have been REALLY bad lately. i guess im too tired and too stressed with training now. im sorry if i made anyone angry the last few days. please don't take it to heart. and i really wanna say what i've been keeping from myself since quite a long time ago. i've kept it too long, i just cant keep it any longer.

why cant you understand how i feel? :(

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

haven't write long posts for a long time. i'll just write some reviews from my previous days and tournaments.

well, world ranking masters was a really good experience for me. still cant believe that i won. and thanks to everyone who had supported me and to those who congratulated me. thank you so much! :)
the bowling alley looked a bit 'antique'. it seems pretty old and its opposite a zoo! wanted to go and see the zoo, since everyday they were alot of cars and peoples. but but we have no time to go. :( BOWLING ALLEY'S CHAIRS ARE STEELS! OMG. i got a big bruise on my leg because of it.
okay, back to bowling. first day was ogayy, was in 8th position. at first, i was just hoping that i could qualify for the top 8 positions and just try to kick asses one by one. so the 2nd day, i was on the lead for about 6 games? because of the one low game (blame the stupid pair of lane), i dropped to 2nd position. then the 3rd day, everyone was bowling well but i think my scores were higher the last few games. the first few games were like okay okay but not good enough. oh yeah! i remembered that i just needed a spare to lead all the 3 blocks but i got a split. sighh. i dont even know that i just had to spare to be in the lead. it was 6 pins difference. it was sooo close. i could have get extra money if i lead but no luck. oh well. the last day, met patricia luoto in the quarterfinals. then, ghislaine in the semifinals. first match on medium was pretty close. 2nd match was, uhh too far away. 277-215. :S i got to say that she's damn good on short oil. well, she struggled a bit in the 3rd match on medium pattern.
when i was bowling in the finals, my mind kept replaying this question "OMG! im in the finals?!". hahaha. tina bowled really good on both patterns in the quarter and semi finals. so a bit nervous about that. and yeah, won the first game on medium pattern. second game on short oil pattern was pretty hard since the ball wont come in like it used to before. a bit oily i should say. both of us actually struggled to hit the pocket. so, coach made this decision where i wasn't really confident about it at first. he asked me to change to the other ball that hooks a bit more and had actually asked me to move from bowling on the outside line to inside line. coach was like, "just try to remember how you used to train on the short oil pattern from the inside line back at home." i told him i wasn't confident about it but i just thought of throwing a good shot because it may work. didn't hit a good shot at first. then, the last frame i was pretty nervous because i needed a double strike to win. and it worried me more when i didnt hit the pocket after i changed to inside line. finally, i got a solid strike in the pocket and the second strike was a bit high. but who cares. i won already! hahaha. i was really really thankful to my coach that time and even to shalin, zandra, alex, zul and unc bc for supporting and shouting out loud for me the whole game. and to those other who supported me too. :)

ohh and, I LOVE MY ROOMMATE! haha. eunjung unni, you're the best roommate ever! hahahaha. she complained that those who roomed with her before, always win. lol. and i love her cheerful character. she's just.. so lively. in the morning, she'll just jump onto my bed and keep on jumping to wake me up. oh yeah, she cooked spaghetti for us to eat, supported me, even took care of me everytime. except when i was with my teammates. she's just the best older sister that i can depend on. THANK YOU EUNJUNG UNNI! YOU'RE THE BEST! :)

okay this is the end i promise. i just had to say that one of the driver was really cool! hahaha. his slang when he speaks english was so italian-english. and i promise it was maddd funny and cute! he's a funny guy too. we love to make fun of him and.. he knows about kuala lumpur! ahaha. i should have recorded when he talks because the way he talks english was super super cute man! so slang-ish. hahaha. ok i'll end this with a big thank you to everyone. thank you! :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

training sucks big time! been running everyday now. if i dont lose weight, i'll just poke my fats out. hahaha
when and where can i find you, my Mr. Right? my little heart doesn't want to get hurt again. :(